Over here at BlankSlate, we know that ramen is so much more than the instant cups that have come to epitomize this traditional Japanese dish. Our founder, Keiko Tanaka, grew up eating this soul food in Japan, and knows all the tricks of making the best ramen. We have set out on a mission to transform traditional ramen into a vegan, healthy, and crazy delicious option for curious omnivores.

This project was named after a Japanese word for hope - kibou. We have hope that our delicious, plant-based soups will make an impact to the food ecosystem. We have hope that ramen can be returned to its glory, but without highly-processed ingredients and artificial substances. We have hope that ramen can help our community explore the vegan lifestyle in a delicious, accessible way.

BlankSlate is currently crafting our menu and seeking financing options to get the ball rolling on our project of hope.



Our signature ramen is a plant-based reimagining of the popular Japanese Tonkotsu-style dish. Non-kotsu (means "pork bone-free") soup made of kelp, mushrooms, sea salt, and savory vegetables gives our ramen a cleaner and kinder base than the pig bone original. Thin, straight noodles, ofu (baked wheat gluten marinated in seasonings) char siu, scallions, and Keebo’s original Narutofu (fish-free naruto made with tofu) and vegan "egg" pack this ramen with authentic Japanese flavor. Prepare for the ultimate in plant-based ramen.


This ramen was created to boost your energy with a balanced combination of miso and organic spices.


Our gut-friendly SUN ramen comes with wavy, fat noodles in a miso-flavored broth, with added red chili miso to heat things up. Dried red chili hair needles, fresh green scallion, raw bean sprouts, and meatless tofu crumbles bring this ramen to the next level.


Ramen is a comfort food in Japan, and we believe that a good, warm bowl of soup can be the best thing to help you relax. We use thin ramen noodles in Keebo non-kotsu soup, with organic CBD oil to calm your mind.


Monochromatic white ingredients are gentle on the eyes and on the body. Sautéed trumpet mushroom “scallops,” steamed cauliflower, bean sprouts, lotus root chips, toasted white sesame, garlicky mashed potato, and Follow Your Heart vegan parmesan cheese top off this ramen.



RVC perfectly embodies the concept of “eating your rainbow.” A combination of spices with curry powder gives this dish a rich and satisfying flavor profile.


Our curry-flavored non-kotsu soup is topped with veggies of every color: steamed sweet corn, pickled swirly beets, air-fried butterfly eggplant, steamed broccoli, raw bean sprouts, and lotus root chips.


This ramen gently satisfies your heart, and is carefully crafted with natural beet juice and love.


Our original savory garlic pink soup includes beet juice, soy milk, garlic, and onion, forming a
nutritious and colorful base for this ramen.


Nothing Beets Love is topped with cubed firm tofu, pickled spiral beets, fresh cilantro, raw bean sprouts, and lotus root chips. Turn up the beet.