It all started with our founder, Keiko Tanaka, a busy New Yorker, mom, and wife. After being told she needed to start watching her cholesterol, she knew it was time to change her lifestyle. Eating egg whites, low-fat Greek yogurt, and grilled chicken was not protecting her health, and she had tried more diet fads than she could count. Enter whole foods. 

Keiko discovered the plant-based diet and decided to try it out, seeing impacts almost immediately. Between fitting in her skinny jeans and feeling better about herself at mealtimes, she knew she had discovered a whole new world of food. This world doesn’t include cruelty or environmental degradation, but definitely includes taste and deliciousness. As Keiko learned more about this way of eating, she realized that she was ready to commit to a whole new way of living, too. Being conscious of her plate and the conditions that created her food became an extension of that well-known but seldom heeded advice: you are what you eat. 

As Keiko learned more about eating to live instead of living to eat, she committed herself to this new approach to food. Being mindful of her personal choices allowed our founder to realize that eating plant-based would change her life for the better. Her commitment to clean, responsible living has helped her discover her life’s work: Keiko created BlankSlate as company that lives out the values of the plant-based diet and lifestyle in a healthy, accessible way.


Keiko Tanaka had a clear vision when creating our company: a completely blank slate that is ready to be filled with dreams, opportunities, and a brand new approach to living plant-based.


BlankSlate is not limited to food and hospitality, because our values are not limited to food and hospitality. We believe that living a plant-based lifestyle goes far beyond the dinner table, and we are ready to lead the way as a socially responsible business.


We draw our future on a blank slate with a free, creative, and playful mind, and will continue to live out our values as we grow. 


BlankSlate aims to share our knowledge and love of a plant-based diet and lifestyle in New York and beyond. Our food is clean and wholesome, but more importantly it is anything but boring. Authentic Japanese food meets ethical veganism in BlankSlate, and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities. But we’re not stopping at good food—we believe in good communities. We are a socially responsible company that is already helping protect animals and the planet. As we grow, we will also help grow small organizations dedicated to these causes.

We know that New York is ready for a new approach to food. More and more, people are becoming conscious of the food they eat and the places it comes from, and BlankSlate honors that. We believe that food shouldn’t include exploitation or questionable ethics—only transparency and yummy dishes.